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Simply Pilates Pricing

Private Training

Beginner Package: 6 session $390

Individual Sessions:                  $70

Semi Private Sessions:          $40

*per client


Group Sessions

Days per Week          Monthly Cost

1  Day                                      $95
2 Days (M,W or T,Th)          $185
3 Days (M,W,F or T,Th,F)  $270 
4 Days (M-Th or T-F )       $360   
5 Days (M-F)                       $440

Group Drop in Rate: $25 per session

Clients who are unable to commit to a class schedule have the option to choose DIS “Drop In Status” DIS clients pay per session they attend. DIS clients do not have a reserved spot, therefore attendance is upon availability.

Payment Options

We accept Venmo, Check or Cash 

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