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About Us

About Us

New clientele will receive private training from a seasoned instructor prior to joining group classes. Private training builds client confidence and allows the client time to master basic movements prior to entering a group setting. Simply Pilates stands alone because our instructors thrive on detail! Whether in a group or private setting we are committed to delivering the most effective Pilates program.

With over twenty years of teaching experience our team recognizes when a client is ready for more of a challenge or requires a modification; yielding a sound experience each and every session. At Simply Pilates we choose to limit class size to seven clients in order to focus on form and alignment with each movement pattern.


I'm a 58 year old, retired firefighter, rancher, and nurse. Have been involved in many accidents, resulting in injuries, bulging disks, and have bone spurs, and degenerative arthritis in my spine. I was crippled to the point where chiropractic and physical therapy care were ineffective, and was on anti-inflammatory meds, ice and heat daily, and I had definite physical limitations.  My chiropractor strongly advised that I strengthen my core and recommended Simply Pilates here in Chico. It took a couple of months, where I could barely get off the reformer tables. However, 5 months later, I am finally pain-free, can move freely, am not afraid to work, and risk injury. I had a lifetime of working out in gyms, doing cross fit, and can attest, there is no better way to strengthen one's self in a healthy way than through Pilates. Dana and Beth are second to none, and their work outs mirror and exceed a hundred fold what I was doing in physical therapy.  I am as confident that the sun will rise every day that anyone of any age will highly benefit from Pilates at Simply Pilates. 

                                     -Dan R.

Simply Pilates, Beth and Dana have literally saved me.  I was consistently injuring myself and in pain most of the time. I started doing Pilates in March 2022 to get stronger. And boy did I!! I gained strength, confidence, painless morning and nights and a community.  Looking better is a side bonus to what this studio has done for me.  Beth and Dana have a wealth of knowledge from anatomy to healing, with much more in between.  They will modify for your ability as well as challenge you to get you where you need to be.  Simply Pilates is for EVERY BODY. 

                                 -Shannon L



Beth Koch

Beth is the owner and operator of Simply Pilates.  She has over 21 years of experience teaching Pilates and is a Polestar Comprehensive Certified Pilates and Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor.  She is certified in Advanced Assessments, Oov, Scoliosis, Pregnancy and Osteoporosis safe Pilates. Her motivation and passion stem from the incredible results achieved.  

IMG_4534 2.JPG
Dana Schlesinger

Dana is a Polestar Comprehensive Certified Pilates teacher with an additional certification in Advanced Assessments. She has over 11 years of private and group class teaching experience. She is wellness focused and emphasizes the mind, body and spirit balance in her modalities. She also has coaching certifications in health and wellness. Dana believes that how you move matters. 

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“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”
                                                                        Joseph Pilates

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